Sunday, October 12, 2008

Handwritten Journaling

I do not love my handwriting and my spelling is horrible, but more and more frequently it is all I am using on my layouts.

Why you ask?
1. It's quicker (my computer is on the other side of the house)
2. I find I get more scrapping done if I don't leave "my room"
3. To me it's more personal.

So how do I overcome my problems with handwriting my journaling?

Here are a couple techniques:
1. Use a journaling block stamp (keeps you straight)
2. Journal around a photo, the edge of a layout, or embellishment (also keeps you straight and provides a decorative accent)
3. Write your journaling out on a scrap of paper to get you ideas and spelling correct before placing on you layout
4. Write your journaling on a tag, sticker, etc. before placing on your layout, so if you make a mistake you haven't ruined your layout
5. Most importantly remember it's your memories as long as you are telling the story there is no way you can go wrong.

Do you have any other techniques that you use on your layouts, please share!

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