Monday, September 13, 2010

Packing for Disney

This was Siena's first trip to Disney (did I mention how excited I was to take Siena on her first trip to jumping up and down excited!) and the first time I have ever taken a baby to Disney. There was so much planning, organizing and packing to do.

What to pack?
There is so much to pack for a trip away from home with a baby. From diapers to formula and a stroller to nightlight, I created a check list to use, which you can find here.

Some items on this list you might not need. I have chosen to bring my own stroller, where you could just rent one each day at the park, however with a baby I want a stroller that can recline for better napping. In addition, you would not have to bring a pack-n-play, most hotels can provide you will a portable crib, I just prefer my own. This list is a guideline, feel free to modify it to what you need.

What to bring to the park each day?
I used a backpack to carry all the items that I needed for Siena each day at the parks. The backpack has several compartments, which made finding items I need easier, however you will have to open each compartment to go through security. In the first compartment, I will have diapers, wipes, a changing table pad, a burp cloth, a blanket, and a change of clothes. The second compartment will house all her feeding items: bottles with liners, formula (I am using the little packets that are premeasured), a sippy cup, baby food, spoon and washcloth. The remaining items will be in various small pockets: purell, pacifiers, pacifier wipes, sunscreen, infant pain reliever and teething medicine.

To make lunch and dinner for Siena easy while in the park, I made up packets. I took a ziplock bag and put a disposable bowl filled with cereal or baby food (the baby food will have to be added the morning of, along with a frozen gel pack), a disposable spoon and washcloth.

Each night I repacked the backpack with diapers, formula packets, a bottle of water, new burp cloths, clean bottles and new 'food packets'.

This system worked really well for me. I never found myself missing anything at the park, in addition I did not have too much to carry.

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