Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Siena at 8 Months

· Cruising in her walker all over the house, including chasing Sugar Ray

· Pulling up on anything that stands still for a moment

· “Army” crawling all over the house and boy is she fast

· Thinks that Sugar Ray is her best friend and personal toy – he is so good with her and lets her pull his ears and collar, stick her feet and hands in his mouth, poke him and pull on his fur

· Getting into everything including destroying magazines, pulling all the DVDs off the shelves, and pulling all the dirty clothes out the basket

· Taking naps to her Dozy Dolphin playing the ocean tune

· Still waking up once a night for a feeding

· Will not stay still on the changing table, constantly flipping over to her stomach

· Babbling all the time including saying "mama" and "baba"

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