Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I won a drawing and some LOs

I don't tend to win stuff. Actually, I always say that I never win anything.

Well, our library had an open house and did a drawing to win some prizes. While I didn't win the grand prize I did win a book.

At first I was not too excited because it's a children's book and I don't have any kids. But I really like Bill Cosby - I got to see him speak at UWEC a couple years ago. When I opened up the book, I was surprised to see he autographed it! How awesome!

I started my puppy's scrapbook [I told you I don't have any kids, so my dog gets a scrapbook :)]

This first layout is the title page of his book. Sugar Ray will let us balance almost anything on his nose.

A layout about Sugar Ray and my DH.

This layout is about Sugar Ray's first experience with snow. He was so cute digging for snowballs and running in the snow.

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