Friday, August 1, 2008

Happy August!

Today is the first day of August and it is hot and humid here in Baton Rouge. Summer is coming to a close, it's the last day that I can wear business casual to work. Starting Monday it's back to suits and pantyhose (ick!) and in two weeks the semester starts back up and all the students will be piling back into the classrooms. Even though it feels like summer it will be the start of a great fall semester, I hope. BRCC is celebrating their 10 year anniversary with great activities and special events planned for a whole year!

On a different topic, since today is the first of the month Parisian Studio's posted their new kit with a couple add on options.

I am also excited that today is Friday, because I get to go out to dinner with friends. We rotate who gets to choose the restuarant and I am anxiously awaiting to find out where we are going. Well where ever it is I know it will be yummy and I'll be in good company. Have a great Friday!

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