Thursday, September 11, 2008

Do you remember where you were seven years ago?

Have you scrapbooked September 11, 2001? I haven't yet, but today might be the perfect day.

I remember where I was and how I felt when I heard the news. I was at work (Sterling Education Services in Eau Claire, WI) and one of my co-worker's daughter called to tell her. After the inital call, my more family members called giving us different information. We were all searching the internet for any news we could get. During the first day, especially the first couple hours, the information that was broadcasted was full of uncertainty and speculation. I remember watching the tv during my lunch break and after work just taking in everything that I heard. It was a surreal experience, it felt like it was a movie...that it couldn’t be real life.

But what had happened was very real. The more I listened to the individual stories the sadder and more depressed I became. To think that someone would want to hurt that many innocent people is unimaginable.

One thing I think the terrorists did not count on when they attacked was how committed and patriotic Americans would become and how far we would go to ensure our freedom.

It’s been seven years and even though the USA has been through many changes, every year we stop on September 11th to remember those you are no longer with us.

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scrapperjen said...

I do remember and I haven't scrapped it yet - it's all in my folder to do. Maybe this weekend...