Friday, September 5, 2008

Hurricane Gustav

Well this is the first time that I have been able to get on the computer since Hurricane Gustav hit on Monday. Baton Rouge got hit very hard from the hurricane, much harder than when Katrina hit.

I was one of the lucky ones to get electricity back in 10 hours, but I just got my internet/cable back today. So many areas of Baton Rouge/East Baton Rouge Parish will be without electricity for up to 3 weeks - I can't image no AC for that long. On Wednesday, 95% of Baton Rouge did not have electricity.

I only had a couple downed tree branches in my yard to clean up. Where others just in my neighborhood had trees through their house, roofs so far damaged that they are leaking, and fences destroyed. Not to mention trees are down everywhere including blocking streets.

Below are some photos of my neighborhood -

The old governor's mansion:

My parents home:
Tree across a street:
Downed Bee Hive:

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C said...

Glad to see you're up and online. It will be some time before many will return to a normal life. My wife and I flew out on vacation a day before the storm and completely missed it. We are experiencing "survivor's guilt" for not being there. While our services in Dutchtown may be restored in a week, our children who live in Southdowns and Broadmoor may be out for another two weeks. We're glad you're safe. C R Albritton